My art focuses on:

JUSTICE: I believe storytelling is one of the best tools for justice. I focus on stories that help audiences reconsider their world, expand their empathy, and feel empowered to create change.

COLLABORATION: In my rehearsal room, the key word is "yes." I strive to create a space that is open to all ideas, willing to give anything a go, and ready for the creativity to flow.

INCLUSIVITY:​ I focus on traditionally marginalized voices in theater, striving to include these stories in the American theater tradition. That means my art will always encourage and empower voices of women and trans people, people of color, disabled people, and queer people.

COMMUNITY: There is a reason theater is done in a room with a group of humans breathing in a story together, and I create art that centers the building of that community. I believe stories can create community by offering chewy questions, inspiring discussion, and reminding audiences how to be human together.

BEAUTY: Through the many ways to tell a story, I strive to find what is beautiful in this life and remind audiences the importance of taking a moment to hold gratitude for those things.

I come from a multicultural family with roots in Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, white, and Latinx cultures. I am a queer intersectional feminist. I strive towards a world with political, social, and economic equality and environmental justice. I believe art can actively create a better, more equitable, and beautiful future.


©2020 by Kayla Minton Kaufman.