She Kills Monsters

by Qui Nguyen

Actors Ensemble of Berkeley

Producer: Jerome Solberg

Stage Manager: Kaitlin Weinstein
Costume Designer: Lyre Alston
Set/Props Designer: Nathaniel NJ Bice
Lighting Designer: Katie Gubler
Sound Designer: Hayden Kirschbaum

Cast: Jackie Wolfe, Joyce Domanico-Huh, Dylan Barrows, Peter Malmquist, Raquel Orendáin Shrestha, Kirsten Louie, Patrick Glenn, Vicki Victoria, Amanda Bailey, Gertrudis (Tru) Colon

Photos: Jane Shamaeva

The Revolutionists

by Lauren Gunderson

The A.C.T. Fellowship Project

Producer: Ariana Johnson

Stage Manager: Lyre Alston
Costume Designer: Kinsey Thomas
Set/Props/Puppet Designer: NJ Bice
Lighting Designer: Hannah Rosensweig
Sound Designer: Angela Yeung

Cast: Annika Bergman, Yasmine Love, Li-Leng Au, Adrienne Dolan

Photos: Jay Yamada

Men I'm Not Married To

Based on Dorothy Parker's light verse

Devised by Ian David Bossung, Clea DeCrane, Kailey Azure Green, Essence Stiggers, Vincent Williams, Canelle Irmas, Kayla M. Kaufman

Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Stage Manager: Canelle Irmas

Assistant Stage Manager: Amy Fette

Scenic Designer: Eric Flatmo
Costume Designer: Michelle Reynes Berg
Props Designer: Christina Garafola
Lighting Designer: Henri Wood
Sound Designer: Anna Olson

Cast: Ian David Bossung, Clea DeCrane, Kailey Azure Green, Essence Stiggers, Vincent Williams

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)

by Sheila Callaghan

NC Women's Theatre Festival & Burning Coal Theatre Company.

Producer: Alika Vail

Stage Manager: Leslie Castro
Costume Designer: Robin Piatt
Set/Props Designer: Sarah Koop
Lighting Designer: Matthew Adelson
Sound Designer: Victoria Peach

Cast: Kimmy Fiorentino, Laquana LQ Henny, Lu Meeks, Gerald Louis Campbell, Laurel Ullman

Natural Shocks

by Lauren Gunderson

A staged reading with Pinecone & Tassel Collective as part of the national campaign of theater activism against gun violence

Stage Manager: Katherine Borden

Costume Consultant: Robin Piatt

Cast: Bridgette Kelly

The Taming

by Lauren Gunderson

Loyola Marymount University


Stage Manager: Shani Hogan
Assistant Stage Manager: Carrie Callaway
Theatre Magic Wrangler: Jonny Burton
Costume Design: Salve Villarosa
Set Design: Sofia Cassidy & Juliet Shelton
Poster Art: Julia Biber

Cast: Jena Fakroddin, Tiffani Williams, Alex Luce

The PTSD Play

by Sofia Cassidy

Loyola Marymount University New Works Festival


Lighting Designer: Kayan Taraporevada

Set Designer: Polina Capuano

Costume Designer: Briana Berkhout

Makeup: Keiva Bradley

Cast: Kloii Hummingbird, Harold Lloyd Jr


Raised in Captivity

by Nicky Silver

Del Rey Players


Stage Manager: Meredith Frank

Actors: Dylan Froom, Cameron Hawkins, Maddie Maloon, KatieLiz Robbins, Cameron Tagge



©2020 by Kayla Minton Kaufman. 

Joyce Domanico-Huh (Agnes) and Jackie Wolfe (Tilly)